Simple Home Improvement Projects That Can Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Whether it is with the intention of selling your home or simply remodeling for your own purposes, certain home improvements can raise your home’s value significantly. Some ideas give results that are initially pleasing, but they add little, if no, value to the property, even running the risk of losing money. If you consider the advice in this article, you will be able to enhance your enjoyment of your house in addition to raising your property’s resale value.

Tips For Kitchen Remodeling

Many people treat the kitchen as the center of activity in the house, and therefore, put a kitchen renovation project at top priority. It is estimated that approximately 60% to 80% off the cost of remodeling a kitchen can be easily recouped. Energy bills can be significantly reduced by making careful decisions during the remodeling process.

Silver tree home decor sculpture
Silver tree home decor sculpture

The kitchen design must fall into place with the design of the entire home, otherwise, your choice could be a poor one. For example, if your property has a modern feel, you do not want to be too old-school in the kitchen. If you don’t know what type of changes you want to make, go with built in appliances first. If in doubt, an interior designer can be very helpful, especially in effective use of space.

Add A Bathroom

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If you only have one bathroom in your home, the installation of a second one is definitely going to pay dividends. You will definitely be able to recoup almost 100% of this investment.

To start, you have to identify a space in your house that can be transformed into a new bathroom. Unused rooms are the ideal option for converting into a bathroom. If you have a staircase, the unused space under it is also a popular choice. 18 square feet is the amount of space at a minimum level that you will need in order to put in a bathroom. In many cases, that still might be too small to offer any kind of actual value.

Make a room new again

One simple way to increase the value of your home is by repurposing a room that is currently being underutilized. A lot of homeowners would rather build another room, thus increasing their home’s overall square footage. However, a room addition is extremely expensive, and there is a good possibility that you will not see a good return on your renovation costs. The margin for error is another consideration as, when it comes to remodeling, things rarely run smoothly and extra hidden costs may be involved.

Save yourself the trouble, and redesign a space that your house already has. This can give your home value a big boost without putting you in debt. An unused basement is like a blank canvas; it can become a bedroom or rec room. Another often forgotten space is the garage which is perfect for an apartment, bringing the added benefit of potential rental income. . In so doing, you add value to the home and still make some extra cash.

Before starting to make a lot of changes you’ll want to think through what you can do to make potential buyers more likely to work with you. Versatility truly is the key to saving money and adding more value, to a home that you want to sell.

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